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Scrape by the Lake 2007
August 19     Charles Daley Park, St. Catharines

official results
LOWRIDER IMPALA  (sponsored by Low Pro Hydraulics)
1.Raff Grano       64 Impala       Back Alley Cruisers
2.T.J. Underwood63 Impala SS  Affiliated CC
3.Hai Tran  64 Impala conv Affiliated CC

LOWRIDER CADILLAC 1979 + older  (sponsored by Switches & Thangs)
1.Preet Sandho  64 Coupe Deville      Affiliated CC
2.Armritpal Singh79 Coupe Deville
3.Aman Deep Singh   63 Coupe Deville      Affiliated CC

LOWRIDER CADILLAC 1980 -1989  (sponsored by Switches & Thangs)
1.Francois Moore84 Coupe Deville     Luxurious CC
2.Moe Ross       87 Fleetwood   Rydaz 4 Life
3.Dave Jubuission      88 Brougham   Never Enough

LOWRIDER CADILLAC 1990 + newer (sponsored by Westside Hydraulics)
1.Rob Higgins     93 Fleetwood   Affiliated CC
2.Ricky Persuad 90 Brougham   Rydaz 4 Life

LOWRIDER LICOLN/MERCURY (sponsored by Westside Hydraulics)
1.Abel Giroux     98 Lincoln Towncar  Luxurious CC
2.Malcom R       89 Lincoln       Back Alley Cruisers
3.Javier Avalos    79 Lincoln Continental     Back Alley Cruisers

LOWRIDER G-BODY (sponsored by Altered Altitude)
1.Anthony Fahone      86 Cutlass
2.Richard O’Bomsawin86 Monte Carlo

LOWRIDER OLD SCHOOL/BOMB  (sponsored by Altered Altitude)
1.Dave Gravelle  40 Chev Master 85   Luxurious CC
2.Patrick Ajessie69 Caprice
3.Jason Durante 79 Calais

LOWRIDER CAR (sponsored by Classic Trendz)
1.David Harrington      91 Caprice      2nd Glance
2.Leo James      86 Caprice       Back Alley Cruisers

LOW ROD (sponsored by Altered Altitude)
1.Jazz Asahan   63 Impala         Affiliated CC
2.Tim Brown       70 Skylark       Underworld
3.Gary MacDonald     68 Chevelle SS

LOWRIDER BIKE (sponsored by Low Pro Hydraulics)
1.Jeff Lenoux      Luxurious CC
2.Lee Lindfield    Royal Ridaz
3.Raymond Sylvain     V-Low

LOWRIDER TRIKE (sponsored by Westside Hydraulics)
1.Chris Winn
2.Jonathan Villeneuve Luxurious CC

LOWRIDER CHOPPER (sponsored by Westside Hydraulics)
1.Catharine Raymond V-Low
HONDA CIVIC HB  95 + Older  (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)
1.Mary Bezzina   92 Civic HB     Chaotic Machines
2.Alena Corke     94 Civic HB    Underworld
3.Jessica Maticic92 Civic HB     Chaotic Machines

HONDA CIVIC HB  96 + Newer (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)

HONDA CIVIC 2dr  95 + Older (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)
1.Richard Depoorter    93 Civic   PSA Club

HONDA CIVIC 2dr  95 - 00  (sponsored by Custom Creations)
1.Jeff Kerr   98 Civic    Toronto Civic Club
2.Suren Navaratnarajah      00 Civic    SSB Auto
3.Derek Taylor    99 Civic    International Allstars

HONDA CIVIC 2dr  01 - 07  (sponsored by Custom Creations)
1.Steve + Jackie Wilcox     02 Civic
2.Mandy Brugmans    05 Civic    Toronto Civic Club
3.Clement Harrison     01 Civic

HONDA – CIVIC 4dr   95 + older (sponsored by Custom Creations)
1.Shawn Shillings       95 Civic   Explicit Contentz
2.Mike Poyton    93 Civic          Addictive Desires

HONDA – CIVIC 4dr   96 + newer (sponsored by Custom Creations)
1.Cale Myers      98 Civic          Rude Boys
2.Dylan Petrahenko    99 Civic          Lethal Invasion

HONDA – ACCORD (sponsored by Custom Creations)
1.Wayne Dasilva 92 Accord WgnTeam 24k
2.Jeff Parsons     91 Accord
3.Mike Prell        90 Accord      Rev Up Club
HONDA – PRELUDE   (sponsored by  Desired Customs)
1.Billy Torkelson 92 Prelude       Street Outlaws
2.Brett Stoner     97 Prelude       Lethal Invasion
3.Mike DiTomasso      92 Prelude      Street Outlaws

HONDA – CRX / Del Sol / S2000 (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)
1.Jake Vlermix   90 CRX    Chaotic Conversions
2.Roger Lachance      95 Del Sol       Addictive Desires
3.Eric Hachey    93 Del Sol       Addictive Desires
ACURA  (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)
1.Steve Zinger    02 RSX    International Allstars
2.Jonathan Benjamin 02 RSX
3.Davor Balac     04 TL       Underworld

ACURA INTEGRA   (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)
1.Trish Maharaj   94 Integra       Team 24K
2.Jason Lungrin  96 Integra        Lethal Invasion
3.Kevin Thomas  91 Integra        Addictive Desires

NISSAN  (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)
1.Terry Weston   03 350Z   Ontario Z Car
2.Lucius J   240 SX
3.Dave Geroux    91 Skyline

TOYOTA   (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)
1.Mike Ley         01 Celica GTS
2.Chris Ellis        03 Celica
3.Bart Karydol    98 Tercel         Addictive Desires

MAZDA  (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)
1.Jivan Canghera03 Mazda 6      Underworld
2.Curie Gardner  94 RX-8
3.West Kerling   03 Protégé 5

VW    (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)
1.Ricky Graca    92 Gti      Underworld
2.Jose Marques  99 Jetta   Midnight Creations
3.Nathan Anjenna       85 GTi     2nd Glance

AUDI (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)

SUBURU   (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)
1.Dan Giffin        04 Impreza      Underworld
2.Steven Constable     04 WRX Wagon      Evolution CC
3.Shane Greeves99 Impreza      Endless Addictions

BMW / MERCEDES BENZ  (sponsored by Focus Rims + Performance)
1.Roger Lumyoung     96 Mercedes AMG-C36
2.Shameer Bacchus   95  BMW 318
3.Adam Kusidel  97 BMW 540   Affiliated CC

FORD/LINCOLN (sponsored by Custom Creations)
1.Eric Morrison   94 Probe GT    Lethal Invasions
2.Calvin Remes   91 Probe
3.Jonathan Webb92 Escort        Lethal Invasions

FORD FOCUS (sponsored by Custom Creations)
1.Allen Vanzeben01 Focus        2nd Glance
2.Mike Dalgleish 05 Focus         2nd Glance

FORD MUSTANG (sponsored by Custom Creations)
1.Todd Watson   92 Mustang     Gould Automotive
2.Marco Chiodi   02 Mustang GT
3.Greg Zaeh       87 Mustang

GM   (sponsored by Custom Creations)
1.Phil Mannering 00 Grand Am
2.Ryan Aube      94 Camaro       Explicit Contentz
3.Ryan Trotter    99 Grand Prix   Disorderly Conduct

CHEV CAVALIER 1999 + older (sponsored by by Custom Creations)
1.Chris White     97 Cavalier       Explicit Contentz
2.Roslyn Dolan   97 Cavalier
3.Ed Elford         89 Cavalier Z2424k

CHEV CAVALIER 2000 + newer (sponsored by Custom Creations)
1.Michael Jarvis  00 Cavalier 
2.John Veloudos 00 Cavalier Z24 J-Body Ontario
3.Lloyd Bryan     03 Cavalier 

PONTIAC SUNFIRE  (sponsored by Etnies Footwear)
1.Jonathan Frenetle    98 Sunfire       Lowered Intentions
2.Adam Bochardt01 Sunfire GT  Explicit Contentz
3.JP Khoury       97 Sunfire GT   JCO

SATURN  (sponsored by Etnies Footwear)
1.Andrew Paliquin       01 Saturn       Our 6th Planet
2.Heather Brindley      96 SL2    Low Class Customz
3.Joey Schultz    01 Saturn       Mild 2 Wild

CHRYSLER/DODGE/EAGLE  (sponsored by Etnies Footwear)

300 / MAGNUM / CHARGER  (sponsored by Etnies Footwear)
1.Sterling Garner06 Magnum
2.Lou Kovac       06 Charger SRT8     Underworld
3.Anthony Shipling     06 300     Addictive Desires

DODGE  - NEON / CALIBER (sponsored by Etnies Footwear)
1.Michael Griener       98 Neon
2.Joseph Castellan     01 Neon
3.Dave Farria      04 Neon   Addictive Desires

MITSUBISHI  1999 + older (sponsored by Etnies Footwear)
1.Victoria Dena   99 Eclipse       Evolution CC
2.Josh Demkowich     99 Eclipse       Underworld
3.Drake Rainville 95 Eclipse

MITSUBISHI  2000 + newer (sponsored by SUD Skates)
1.Bruce Lim        04 Lancer
2.Harold Miller    07 Eclipse       Underworld
3.Victor Mendes 05 Lancer        Beyond Concept

HYUNDAI   (sponsored by SUD Skates)
1.Rick Wittingstall      00 Tiburon       Lethal Invasion
2.Matt McQueen 02 Accent       4M Design
3.Rosie Smith     03 Tiburon

SPORT COMPACT OTHER  (sponsored by SUD Skates)
1.Alfonso Inclima00 Ferrari         Back Alley Cruisers

TRUCK – TOYOTA/NISSAN   (sponsored by Classic Trendz)
1.Dwayne Ginn   85 Nissan       Ginn Industries
2.Jeff Pearson    89 Toyota
3.Chuck Le key  88 Toyota         2nd Glance

TRUCK – SCION   (sponsored by Classic Trendz)
1.Paul Kulawik   05 Scion XD     Team Wicked

TRUCK – MAZDA   (sponsored by Classic Trendz)
1.Carlo Moushikh87 B2200
2.Ryan Lane       93 B2200        Street Level Creations
3.Trevor Bezzina 88 B2200        Casual Customs

TRUCK – DODGE    (sponsored by Altered Altitude)
1.Trevor Hernandez     94 Ram
2.Mark Burgio     91 Dakota
3.Jeff Trip    01 Dakota       JD Truck Club

TRUCK – FORD   (sponsored DC Customz)
1.Jesse Palmer  96 Ranger        2nd Glance
2.Jeff Bradshaw  02 Ranger
3.Doug Robins    05 Ranger

TRUCK – GM  1999 + older   (sponsored by Altered Altitude)
1.Jeff Harrington  84 Chev 1/2ton 2nd Glance
2.Barry Bourassa88 Sierra
3.Felix Morissette       99 Sierra

TRUCK – GM  2000 + newer   (sponsored by Altered Altitude)
1.Todd Robinson 00 Silverado
2.Stacy Dewald  04 Suburban
3.Russ T Bucket 02 Sierra         2nd Glance

TRUCK – GM – S10/15 – 93+older    (sponsored by Altered Altitude)
1.James Sudore 88 S-10
2.Tim Atkinson   85 S-10
3.Brett Passero  84 S-10

TRUCK – GM – S10 – 94+newer   (sponsored by Altered Altitude)
1.Larry Johns      95 S-10
2.Jake Gates      98 Sonoma      Addictive Desires
3.Cory Maynard  00 Sonoma

VAN – all     (sponsored by DC Customz)
1.Gord Smith      96 Astro
SUV - DOMESTIC   (sponsored by Switches & Thangs)
1.Mark Hoover    99 Explorer      Addictive Desires
2.Matt Whalen    91 Blazer        JD Truck Club
3.Carl White       86 Blazer

SUV - IMPORT    (sponsored by Switches & Thangs)
1.Sean Morrison 04 Hyundai Santa FeLethal Invasion

SUV - FULL-SIZE   (sponsored by Switches & Thangs)
1.Jamie Phillips  96 Yukon         Underworld
2.James Shearer 69 C-10
3.Steve Mathews93 Suburban

SUV - ESCALADE    (sponsored by Switches & Thangs)
1.Patrick McFarland   00 Denali 
MUSCLE CAR / HOT ROD  GM   (sponsored by SUD Skates)
1.Al Martens      69 Camaro
2.Brandon Gould 83 Buick GSX
3.       Ron Rumsey    77 GMC

MUSCLE CAR / HOT ROD  MOPAR   (sponsored by SUD Skates)

MUSCLE CAR / HOT ROD  FORD  (sponsored by SUD Skates)
1.Ron Hutchinson67 Mustang
SPORT BIKE    (sponsored by SUD Skates)
1.Larenz B         94 Kawasaki ZX7
2.Pete Swanson 05 Schwinn

BEST INTERIOR CAR  (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Raff Grano  64 impala        Back Alley Cruisers

BEST INERIOR TRUCK   (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Jake Gates 98 Sonoma      Addictive Desires

BEST PAINT CAR    (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Raff Grano  64 impala        Back Alley Cruisers

BEST PAINT TRUCK      (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Dwane Ginn85 Nissan       Ginn Industries

BEST ENGINE         (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Brandon Gould   83 Buick GSX

BEST UNDERCARRIAGE    (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Abel Giroux98 Lincoln Town Car Luxurious CC

BEST HYDRAULIC SET-UP    (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Abel Giroux98 Lincoln Town Car Luxurious CC

BEST DISPLAY         (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Lee Lindfield       Lowrider Bike   Royal Ridaz

LONGEST DISTANCE TRAVELLED      (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Luxurious CC     Montreal Quebec

CLUB PARTICIPATION         (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Addictive Desires24 members!

BEST OF SHOW FEMALE OWNED     (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Trish Maharaj     94 Acura Integra24k

BEST OF SHOW SUV    (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Mark Hoover      99 Ford ExplorerAddictive Desires

BEST OF SHOW CAR    (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Terry Weston     03 Nissan 350ZOntario Z-Car

BEST OF SHOW TRUCK     (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Jeff Harrington    84 Chevy ½ tonSecond Glance

BEST OF SHOW LOWRIDER   (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Raff Grano 64 impala          Back Alley Cruisers

BEST OF SHOW LOWRIDER BIKE   (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Jeff LenouxLowrider Bike    Luxurious CC

BEST OF SHOW    (sponsored by Rollerz Only CC)
Raff Grano 64 impala         Back Alley Cruisers


DOUBLE PUMP      $50036”Hai Tran     Affiliated CC
SINGLE PUMP$30035”Jeff Hagen  Rollerz Only
LUXURY OPEN       $20026”Wayne
TRUCK OPEN $20037””Mario All That
DANCE OPEN $200     Rob   Altered Altitude Customs

1.$300Anne Marie
3.$50  Laura