The annual Scrape by the Lake lowrider show has grown every
year since its inception and this year's event was the biggest
and best show yet, with vehicles coming to the Niagara area
from all over Ontario, New York and Pennsylvannia. This year,
Charles Daley Park, on the beaches of Lake Ontario, was the site
of the 3rd annual show, the largest lowrider event in Canada.
The day started early as cars began registering before 8am, and
the main show area began to fill up quickly. Prime spots along
the lake were grabbed first, but tons of shaded spots were still
left to be had. The larger car clubs like 2nd Glance staked out
their area's early on, setting up tents and getting the bbq's
going. Exibitors were greeted by the day-long beats provided
by DJ's Nuggs and Wize-n-Phocus from the main stage. The field
was mixed as usual, with a large contingency of lowriders, sport
compacts, trucks, suv's, old school and blinged out rides. Over
350 vehicles this year! The weather finally cut us a break for a
change...not a cloud in the sky and a nice breeze off the lake! Around 10am, the spectators began pouring in, totalling more than 5,000 in all. This year, judging was carried out using judging lanes, and the line-ups formed almost immediately, and lasted through-out the day. Vendors row had a little bit for everybody, including Automotive Warehouse, Performance Edge, Alloy Options, Focus Rims + Performance, Performance Auto + Sound Magazine, and E-Rupt Entertainment to name a few. At 3pm, the annual "Hop What You Got" hydraulic/air hop off and dance competition started at the lower part of the park in the hopping pit. Thousands jammed the hillside area to get the best view,
and were not disappointed. This year competitors took it to the next level, and
the cash prizes were stepped up as well. In the Double Pump class, $400 was at
stake and JR Lamendo was able to defend his 2001 crown with a 42" effort, in his
mint, chromed out 63 impala! Coming in a close second, at 40", was his younger
brother, Pauly, with his 64 impala. In the Single Pump class, John Seara, in his
newly finished 64 SS Impala, took the $100 cash with a 30" hop. The truck hop
was wide open, as the big guns failed to show, leaving the $100 door open for
Jason Vaillencourt's 8" win with his 92 Mazda. In the open Dance Competition,
there were a ton of both hydraulic and air-assisted entries, but none could top the
performance by Don McGarry's 90 Mazda, giving him the $100 and defending his
last year's title. All in all, it was a great hop, with new records in both Double and
Single Pump classes, and the turnout was the strongest yet, with only 1 double
pump entry hopping under 34"!!  Once the judging sheets were tallied up, the awards presentation followed. Tons of door prizes were given out, including a $400 DUB Weathergear jacket. Etnies, WestSide Hydraulics, and Hi-Low provided the rest of the loot. This year, more than 56 classes were awarded more than 150 trophies. Car clubs cheered as their members accepted the hardware. Highlights included Best of Show car going to
Jeremy Egerland's chromed out 63 Impala SS convertible, and Best of Show Truck
going to Alan MacDonald's sweet 89 S-15. This year's show could not have hap-
pened without the support of all the clubs, the exibitors, the vendors and the
sponsors, and we'd like to thank them all for their continued support! Most of all,
this show could not exist without the countless hours of help from the Scrape by
the Lake staff, volunteers and judges....big thanks goes out  to all of them! And,
because of the success of this year's show, we were able to donate over a
thousand dollars towards the permanent skatepark in St. Catharines. The event
was also documented by CHCH-TV, WUTV, and Performance Auto and Sound
Magazine. Hope everyone had a great time, and we hope to see you all again
next year!

A note on the can never satisfy everyone at any car show...we've all been to at least one show where we've been rooked! At Scrape by the Lake, we take away all the politics because we have no axe to grind. We use hydraulic dudes to judge the hydro cars, truck guys to judge the trucks and import guys to judge the imports. And, the same guys judge every vehicle in their class as a team. We stand behind our judges...and to prove that, we announce all winners by name AND vehicle...we've got nothing to hide. Then, we post all the winners on our site for everyone to other show I can name does anything close. Bottom line, we try our best and we are accountable for our results....and we try to improve each year.
last updated: 5/18/2010
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Sunday, August 25th, Charles Daley Park, Ontario
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