past shows...
past shows...
Lowrider Magazine - Legends Tour
Chicago, IL - Aug 2003
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last updated: 9/29/03

We've been to a ton of Lowrider Magazine Tour stops,
and Lowrider Mag Supershows, but we've never had
our rides in the actual show - its always been a dream
of ours, but its always been way too far. This year, we
decided we'd enter the Chicago stop Lowrider
Magazine Legends Tour. About 10 hours drive from
here, we figured based on coverage we'd seen at prev
Chicago tour stops, this was the one. Three of us from
the local Rollerz Only chapter pre-registered, and
received confirmation that we were going to be
displayed inside. Our first show and we're starting on
the show floor inside - we were pumped to say the
least! The road-trip started off shitty - trailering 3 rides
in the pouring rain straight through the night. Then
when the sun came up it was a perfect day - until we
got about 1/2 hour from the show and hit another
thunderstorm - but what the hell - shit cleans up, right?
After the 10 hour journey, we pulled into the parking
lot of the show Saturday morning...tons of cars were
already lined up - it was an amazing sight! Then, as
we pulled up to the guy at the gate tells us the show just got cancelled cause of the rain earlier that morning (it was now sunny with barely a cloud in the sky!). We got out and wandered up to a scrum that had formed around the GoLo staff. All they were saying was "sorry, its rained out, there is no show, there is nothing we can do...we came all the way from Cali, too, so we know how you feel, now leave". Now my question is this...if the show was cxl'd that morning after the 30 minute storm, why were there no Hawthorne park employees, except security, anywhere to be found - no maintenance, no parking staff, no anybody? I think they knew not to come to work that day. Other than armed park security, there was some GoLo staff and thats it. In other words, people to give the bad news, and people to keep shit from gettin nasty. And even the security dude we talked to said they thought the GoLo staff were gonna book and leave them to deal with it alone. So I'm thinking, as a show promoter, how can I save a huge marketing disaster? So off to the side I said to the GoLo dude that seemed to be in charge that he should talk to the local chapter prez's and get them to pick a park "unofficially" for everyone to meet up at on Sunday,
kinda "fuck Hawthorne" lets still do this shit, and by
keeping it unofficial, avoiding liabilities, etc. He said
"thats a great idea", and walked away - did nothing.
Later we saw Mark (LRM hop judge) at Hollywood's
and he explained shit straight to us about what
happened. I told him if they had explained the
situation like he just did, people would have been
more understanding - that it was Hawthorne, not LRM
that fucked us. But the GoLo staff made sure
everyone'll pin it on LRM. We're never gonna get our
time, hotels, gas, food, etc back, but LRM owes us a
real explanation.

On a brighter note, we still had some fun in Chitown...
thanks to Tyrone (our tour guide) and his boys, KJ and
the Cali Swangin posse, Hollywood Bob, Vic,
VegasHopper and the rest of the Hollywood crew,
Daniel and his downtown crew hangin at Rockin
McDonalds, all the LIL people we met, and the two
dudes in the silver coupe deville for helpin us try and find the picnics on the Sunday... You all made the trip better with all the hospitality. We'll definately be back to Chicago again, but next time it'll be the Majestics/Individuals picnic instead.